Knowledge Management Framework

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Knowledge Management Framework

Category : Quality Management


  • Reuse effective techniques: Identifying and documenting successful strategies, techniques, shortcuts, and checklists can help future project teams build on a history of positive results.
  • Establish estimation model : By having reliable data as a foundation, a budget spreadsheet with estimated values based on past projects can help kick-start the next project.
  • Develop better resource estimates based on past experience: There is no better support for the rationale of the project resource plan than data about the resource use of similar past projects.
  • Educate project managers and team members: The history of past projects is a great resource for teaching people how to manage projects and work in a project environment.
  • Learn from past mistakes: Sweeping mistakes under the rug is a costly mistake. Acknowledging mistakes, analyzing their causes, and identifying ways to prevent them in the future is a far more beneficial approach.


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